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What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are software applications that are programmed to send messages to users in a conversational interface, much like a live chat widget. They act like digital agents and are used to interact with your site visitors.
We refer to them as Avatars or ‘Pals’. And they come in 2D and 3D Life-Like talking and animated versions. You can choose to have them show up on your page on Botom Right, Middle, Bottom Left  or Full Page Positions.
How Can Chatbots Help My Business?
When vistiors lands on your site, the Chatbots can interact with them to help them complete a number of tasks that they might require, whether it be pointing them to the right product of interest, helping direct them through to your sales team, or taking a booking, an order or reservation or offer discounts, bonuses, a free gift, build a subscriber list or promote timely specials. This is extremely helpful to prevent site or shopping cart abandonment.
Our chatbots have a flag icon pinned on them, which, when clicked, visitors can choose to have their chats instantly converted to their language of choice! They can choose to chat in any one of 25 languages giving your business a global reach!
You can choose to include your company logo [for branding], video or images in your customized chatbot.
You can have one chatbot handle sales, while another handles support issues and so on. There is virtually no end to what you can get a chatbot to do for you and everyone has slightly different requirements.
Ultimately they can act like a digital agent on your site, engaging with as many visitors as you have on your site at any one time (even after your business hours) and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year! They never stop.
What is a ChatPalBot?
A ‘Pal’ is spokesperson or a 2D or 3D Avatar as mentioned above. These ‘Pals’ can accompany the Chatbot with your welcome message or announcement. Hence the name: Chatterpal.

If you can get more engagement from your visitors, and guide them into taking actions toward your desired ultimate goal……then you can only get better results than you’re getting now!

Preview our Partial DEMO Portfolio below-Names & Emails of Actual Businesses have not been used. Click on any image to see samples of some of our Chatterpals. Feel free to interact with them to see how they work. Click on the Flag above the dialog box and select any of the listed languages to see that they autotranslate! These can be customized with your message, chat, logo, image, video, etc.


Here are some other Categories that are available. Can be Customized for your business or we can create chatterpal based on your requirements. Simply click on the  Get FREE Quote Image at the bottom of this page which will take you to the Form Page to enter and submit your information-Securedly.


Catering * Child Care * Customer Service * Doctor Appointment * Dog Trainer * Dog Training * Dry Cleaning * Florist * Gardner * Green Energy * Guitar Lessons * Hair Removal * Handy-Man * Insurance Agency * Lawn Maintenance * Learning Languages * Mechanic * Media Agency * Music Lessons * Optometrist * Painter * Pet Grooming * Photographer * Piano Lessons * Pool Maintenance * PPC Marketing * Property Rentals * Real Estate & Rentals * Real Estate Lawyers * Relationship * Restaurant * Self-Help * Social SEO-Agency * Travel Agency * Video Editing * Video Marketing  * Video Subscriber * Web Design Agency * Web Hosting * Webinar Registration * Weight Loss * Yoga Classes … and Dozens more!

What Can Chatterpal Do For Your Business? If you …

Run an e-commerce store?
Use Chatterpal avatars to engage with visitors and ask sales-oriented questions.
Help guide them to what they’re looking for on your store, and then through the buying process to complete the sale.
If your customers stop during the checkout process for any reason, your chat agent can instantly check in to see if they have any questions or need more information, etc. – reducing cart abandonments!
You can also offer personalized instant discounts to potential buyers to get them “off the fence” to complete a valuable sale, and so much more!
And of course, you can easily build a subscriber list from visitors who are just browsing your store, so you can get them back later via email.
Just ask for them for their email address in return for a coupon or other promo!

Run a small brick-and-mortar business?
Use Chatterpal to offer cool discounts, promote timely specials, offer bonuses, and more to your visitors and customers.
> SERVICE BUSINESS: Does your business take appointments, like a hair/nail salon or a dental practice?
Use Chatterpal to automatically take appointments via your website – saving you and your staff work and time on the phone!

> RESTAURANT, you can use Chatterpal to invite visitors to make a reservation, order for delivery/takeout or even book a large party!
The possibilities are simply endless!

Affiliate or social media marketer?
Add Chatterpal to your blogs, websites and landing pages, so you can interact with visitors and get them to click on your affiliate links or to get them on your lists!
With our Live-link technology, you can use Chatterpal to showcase cool content on other websites for your benefit.
Your onscreen chat agent will interact with visitors and get them to subscribe to your list or to visit an affiliate page dynamically… no landing pages or opt-in forms needed!

Offline consultant?
You can offer Chatterpal as a premium service to your business clients for a recurring monthly fee.
Set up a powerful custom-branded chat agent for your client’s website with the chatflow per your client’s needs.
Then, you simply get paid every month by your client to maintain it – with no additional work!

Product creator?
Use Chatterpal to interact with your sales page visitors. Ask questions, then guide your casual visitors through the process of completing the purchase.
You can also offer them an incentive to get them on your list. So you can follow-up later with emails to close the sale and/or promote other related offers.
Get more conversions faster, so you can increase sales and revenue – with less advertising/retargeting expense!

Chatterpal Is The Ultimate Secret Weapon For ANY Business, Marketer or Website Owner!


Why Are Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Loving Chatpalbots?…

Super-easy to use
With our ultra-intuitive interface and pre-written chat flow templates, you’ll have your first 3D avatar chat agent up and running on your site – within minutes!

Easy to set up
Simply paste in a snippet of code on your website, or use our live-link technology to instantly add Chatterpal to ANY site you want. Boom. Done.

Set up an agent for every department
Use Use Interactive 3D Avatars & Smart Chat To Close Sales/leads, Handle Objections, Take Orders, Book Appointments And Handle Support Duties – Automatically!
Have one chat agent handle sales, while another handles support issues, and so on. Chatterpal can handle virtually any on-site job you need!

Cutting-edge technology
Utilizing the latest innovations in AI, 3D-animation, text-to-speech, and instant translation. No other app on the market comes close – at any price!

Maximum global reach
Targeting specific markets or languages? Chatterpal lets you interact with visitors and customers in ANY of 25 Major  languages – with just one click!

Higher interaction and lower bounce rate – GUARANTEED
Chatterpal improves interaction with visitors. That means more engagement and sales!

Works seamlessly on any device
Access your Chatterpal via any web browser. It’s hosted on Google’s cloud – no software installation or downloads required!

Chatterpal Integrates With All Top Marketing Platforms!

You’ll be literally awestruck by Chatterpal Avatar 3d visual clarity, movement and chat automation. The Avatar guides and instructs, while the chat gets the customers to pull out their credit cards!

Voice message(Record) option in Chatterpal with recorded message sent to your designated email address!

You’ll be impressed by how Chatterpal combines ease-of-use with super-powerful and unique, cutting edge technology.

Small Sample Of Chat Analytics Provided

Visits by Day of The Week


Visits By Country


Emails Collected


Answers to sample question – Favorite Color By country


Answers to sample question – Favorite Food


Sample Hits by time of day

A State-Of-The-Art Sales & Lead Generation Tool designed to boost conversions and sales..

Our Proposed Solutions:

• Don’t Have the Budget? SOLVED: Chatterpal boosts conversions, leads and sales on ANY website 24/7 without hiring staff, virtual agents, or shelling out monthly fees for sophisticated platforms.

• Don’t Have The Time? SOLVED: Dramatically reduce the time that you’re spending on customer emails and even phone or skype calls to close sales, handle support issues with your own interactive smart chat agent!

• Don’t Have Experience? SOLVED: We customize your Chatterpal within a few hours.

• Don’t Have The Creativity? SOLVED: Leave your competition in the dust by leveraging industry-leading technologies like chat automation, artificial intelligence, 3D avatars, text-to-speech and one-click translation inside ONE easy-to-use app!

• Don’t Have A Website? SOLVED: Utilizing our game-changing live-link technology, you can harness the power of Chatterpal to get leads and sales from other sites that aren’t even yours. No sites or landing pages of your own needed!

Chatterpal Works on ANY Device. Nothing To Download, Install Or Update. Ever.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and after carefully listening to our clients, we developed Chatterpal to solve the biggest issues entrepreneurs face today.

Chatterpal is designed to boost conversions and sales without having to shell out big bucks on advertising or complicated software platforms.


Human Spokespersons and Life-Like 3D-Animated Avatar Characters

Incredibly realistic (male and female) and even animal avatars that you can use to interact with your visitors with Text-to-speech.



If you would like to have this FREE chatbot customized for you (FREE value: $499-$1,000)), there will be just a nominal, monthly charge of $15 to cover hosting(secured cloud hosting) and periodic promotional or other changes/customizations to your chatbot that you might require.
This is a real bargain considering we are creating a FREE, State-of-The-Art chatbot (value between $499-$1000).

Payment will only be required AFTER your chatbot has been created and you have approved it.

You can, of course, cancel at anytime and we will deactivate your chatbot, hosting and other chatbot services.

If this FREE offer is acceptable to you, please go/click here=> : to submit your information

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